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220406 Wednesday Radaman Challenge 2/5

Weightlifting Strength (Ramadan Challenge 2A)

1 rep max snatch

RX Metcon (Ramadan Challenge 2B)

For time (15 min cap)

25 pushups

20 2DB cleans

7 bar muscle ups

20 2DB cleans 25 pushups

RX Age 17-44 (20/15KG)

RX Age 14-16 and 45-60 (17.5/12.5KG)

RX Age 8-13 (12.5/7.5KG)

Scaled Metcon (Ramadan Challenge 2B)

For time (15 min cap)

25 pushups

20 2DB cleans

10 burpees

20 2DB cleans 25 pushups

SC Age 17-44 (15/10KG)

SC Age 14-16 and 45-60 (12.5/7.5KG)

SC Age 8-13 (7.5/5KG)

if you are doing this workout for the Ramadan Challenge, choose one of the above RX or scaled, without changing anything, you cant mix both.

for logging scores type the following:

- Ramadan Challenge Score

- Weight for part A

- RX’d or Scaled for part B

- time completed

without any extra bla bla bla


DO NOT PUT MATHMATICAL CALCULATIONS لوع الله جبدكم cc maskati + zowayed

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