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New member at the gym?



All payments should be done in IBAN transfer to the gym’s account, if you pay for a membership, send a screenshot to the coach to verify the payment, paying for water or food or anything else doesn't require screenshots.

IBAN: BH66BBKU00200007392317


Booking and workout app:

Download our booking app, this app allows you to book/cancel booking to sessions, view workouts, log scores and more. Click for booking app


Join our whatsapp group:

We have a dedicated whatsapp group for gym announcements, it is important that you join it to  stay updated.

Click here to join the whatsapp group

Gym Rules


  1. Book your session, cancel early if you can’t make it.

  2. Arrive on time, late comers will not be allowed in.

  3. Listen to the coach, if you have any inquiries ask the coach.

  4. Do not drop KBs, DBs, and empty bars.

  5. Put your personal belongings in the locker.

  6. No mobile phones allowed during workout.

  7. Fuck open gym, join the class.

  8. You are not the coach, so do not coach.

  9. Do not return your equipment until everyone is done working out.

  10. Put all your equipment away after use.

  11. Chalk stays in the bucket and on the hands.

  12. Reception is for staff only.

  13. No smoking is allowed anywhere near the gym.

  14. You break it, you pay for it.

  15. AC controls are off limits.

  16. No chewing gum anywhere near or inside the gym at all times.

Training effectively

Few points to help you get the most of the class and train effectively


  1. Have a game plan, read and understand the workout on the booking app, read the workout notes available, write down all percentages and weights that you are going to do in the workout before coming to class.

  2. Each workout has a certain stimulus and an intensity level, when we 'Coaches' assign weights, it is because we know your level, and base the weights on our desired outcome.

  3. For instance if a coach asks you to scale down it is because the coach knows it is a 12 min workout, you going RX and finishing in 16 mins is absolutely useless, and won't give you the full benefit of the workout. It is important to set your ego aside.

  4. Understand that your bodies need to recover, if you think muscling your way into 6 WODs a week is a good idea, it won't be once you have to stay home for 4 months to recover from an injury.

  5. Always reach out to the coach for help, do NOT ask another member for guidance.

Rest Days


Our programming follows a 3 on, 1 rest, which means 3 days of doing the workouts and taking the following day to rest. Most athletes will need that day of rest in order to allow the muscle tissue to regrow and the body to recover from the training.


Regardless if you are a competitive athlete or just someone looking to get fitter – remember more is not always better. Learn to listen to your body, learn to be ok with missing a day here or there in order to take care of yourself. You are only going to get stronger and faster if you allow your muscles a chance to recover.


Effectiveness in training


Our programming follows a certain pattern, spread across the month, we have the heavy days, the light days, the shorter and longer workout days, it is all done to bring effective results, not just workouts picked up and thrown here and there, we also keep in mind the target intensity and goal for each workout.


In order to see results, you need to stick to the programming, give it 200% effort and leave absolutely nothing in the tank. The fact that you can still chat after a workout is the biggest indication that you either haven't pushed enough or didn't scale appropriately.




This is the most important of them all, it is OK to not go RX, to reach the desired workout stimulus and intensity level, you need to work with your own level of fitness and see what your body allows you to do, then only you can see results, safely.


Doing multiple WODs per day


We are humans, our bodies wear and tear, and can only do so much, more isn't always better, once you overtrain, that's an immediate invitation to injury, your body at this level can't handle more than 1 workout a day, whether it was lifting or a wod. If you are a beginner and don't yet feel "the burn" it's because you are still new, and we want you to learn the basics of movements, master the technique and be consistent with it, before adding intensity and loads, this is how everyone else did it in the gym. If you have been at the gym for a while, you should already know by now that the one workout you do per day, is more than enough.

Workout section on the app


We have added a dedicated section on our app for viewing the workouts daily.

Workouts are posted at 8 pm the day before.


Please note the few points below


  1. You have to log your score immediately after every workout as a comment under the workout post, this allows the coach to monitor your progress and provide you the proper scaling and progression needed in the class, and will allow you to find the correct percentages for the workouts.

  2. Do not cheat your reps during the workout, EVERYONE KNOWS THAT YOU CHEAT and they will make fun of you behind your back, be honest in logging your scores.

  3. We all have our up and down days, you don't have to kick each workout’s ass, and you don't need to validate your bad performance in the comments, that's where you were that day, that's how good/bad you performed, embrace it without shame.

  4. Give likes to everyone’s scores, it's free.

  5. Everyone started somewhere, it doesn't matter if you score top or last, compare your scores to your earlier self not to others.

  6. Score logging is set to give you a competitive feel at the gym, not a kid fight.



What happens in my first class?

You are required to be 5 mins early, the classes start on time, the coach will be giving you extra guidance to make sure you are on track


When should I start seeing results?

As you start working out with us at The Forge, you will be spending the first 3-4 weeks learning proper movement and technique, once your foundations are established and you are moving correctly, you will be adding intensity to the workouts and seeing results.


How many times a week should I exercise?

Our program follows a 3 day on 1 day off system, you are required to rest the 4th day after 3 days of working out, averaging 4-5 times a week should be sufficient.


Can I freeze membership?

We do not freeze memberships, nor offer refunds, nor transfer memberships for any reason.


Is this sport suitable for me?

This sport is suitable to any age, sex, athletic background. It is universally scalable to any level, whether you have been doing sports before or not.


Should I inform the coach of any health conditions I have?

Before you start your session, you must make the coach aware of any health condition, to make sure you are handled with care and exercise safely.


Do you provide a diet plan?

No, we recommend seeing a nutritionist for one.


Can we do this sport while doing other sports?

CrossFit is considered the sport foundation of any sport you pursue, having it done at a pace that your body can tolerate.


What is RX’d and Scaled?

RX’d is doing the workout as prescribed, scaling is changing weights, movements, distance to something you are capable of doing and allows you to complete the workout with the desired stimulus.


What is AMRAP and for time?

Our metabolic conditioning (Metcons) workouts for the day usually follow (as many reps as possible) or against the time scheme, the intention for the AMRAP is to finish as many reps as possible in a certain time period, and the for time is to finish a certain set of work as fast as possible.

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